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(Italiano) Tracciabilità

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(Italiano) RFID

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(Italiano) Controllo Dimensionale

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Electrical Design

The company carries out electrical design related to frameworks for the industry and in particular panels for industrial automation.

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Vision System

The vision systems are control systems designed to inspect the characteristics of a product in its production phase or post-embodiment. The use of these systems leads to an improvement in terms of reliability and optimization of both the finished product in itself that the production process as a whole.

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The HMI devices, referred to as human / machine interface devices, are of fixed or mobile operator panels installed on the machine or in the main panel that allow the operator to supervise the status of the machine and manually set and real-time processing parameters through screens, communicating either directly with the PLC via a [...]

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Software PLC

The PLC software activity consists in providing in each order a software package that encloses all the design information and instructions that are necessary to the control system for the machine operation accompanied by an appropriate and complete supporting documentation for the operation.

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Software PC

The PC software is a program that is developed in order to facilitate the management, control, or to improve the production efficiency of an industrial plant. As for the common personal computer, the industrial PC Hardware are equipped with a processor, memory, and input and output devices and require an operating system for operation.

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Software Robot

The company deals with the programming of the different development environments Robot-side software such as: > Simulation and development of off-line: being useful programming to calibrate and simulate off-line the behavior of the robot application software (specific software packages designed for specific applications such as palletizing robots, spot welding, caulking, painting, etc ..) > Controller [...]

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a company that is growing and becoming leader in the field, developing every day projects and specific solutions for each type of solution

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