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We create applications and SCADA HMI Panel and on industrial PCs images (1)
for the complete management of machines and systems such as:

> Management software S.C.A.D.A. (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisation)

> Software product traceability

> Monitoring software production efficiency (OEE)





Management software S.C.A.D.A. (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisation):

They are systems that monitor and supervise industrial processes. The SCADA system is made up by the devices for data acquisition, by a transmission system and from one processing. Its use, integrating the functionality of a PLC and an HMI device mentioned above, brings a set of information as a top-level process: Graphical representation of the process with the state of the devices; Storing variables in historical archives; Consultation graphic historical trends; Redundancy functions at various levels; Management of recipes production; Data export; Maintenance support device; Possibility of connection with other control systems or with higher-level systems development SW PC HMI / SCADA is built on platforms: SIEMENS ™ (application SW: Simatic Manager – WinCC Flexible ™, TIA Portal WinCC-RT) ROCKWELL – ALLEN BRADLEY ™ (application SW: RSView32 ™) MICROSOFT VISUAL STUDIO ™

Software product traceability:

The traceability of a product is something that involves the production process in an industrial plant and consists in setting up a computerized system designed to identify (through identification codes) each element of the finished product monitoring it at every stage in the entrance plant until its release: management stages of acceptance, identification and storage of raw materials or semi-finished products from suppliers management phases / production in the management of storage and shipping finished products to customers Adopt a production line software that you care of traceability increases the quality of the product itself as it allows you to quickly locate problems in a lot of production and with it the cause that generated it.

Monitoring software production efficiency (OEE):

OEE, which stands for “general efficiency of the system” is a parameter expressed as a percentage that relates in a given period of time, the actual production of a plant (obtained by multiplying three factors: Availability, Performance and Quality) with that theoretically attainable. The index assesses the production efficiency of a machine, line or plant, and allows to optimize the production process considering the rising costs of energy, materials and the reduced purchasing power of consumers. With special software for data management of the machine can be detected and analyzed centrally OEE along with other performance parameters such as idle time, the MTTF, MTBF, etc … The development of tracking software comes mainly OEE platforms Siemens Win CC Downtime Monitor.